Office Locations

Office Locations

Headquartered Minutes From New York City.

The Mc Gowan headquarters are in a 50,000 square foot industrial building in East Rutherford, in the New Jersey Meadowlands near MetLife Stadium and Sports Complex. The facility houses the administrative and accounting offices, estimating and project management groups as well as providing warehouse space for clients and their projects.

Regional South Florida Office

Serving South Florida since 2006 the firm operates a regional project office located in Miami. The Florida office is active in providing construction services to a wide range of market sectors including financial services, residential, hospitality, office and retail clients.

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Warehouse, Staging & Material Receiving Facilities

Construction projects often require a secure location to receive shipments of equipment and furnishings prior to their installation. In addition to housing its corporate offices, the firm’s headquarters facility contains a secure, functional warehouse space to receive deliveries, a tremendous benefit to Mc Gowan’s clients given the demanding site logistics associated with construction projects in New York City.

Mc Gowan HQ Solar Panel Roof & Green Initiatives

Social Impact: Leading By Example

Mc Gowan’s sustainability practice extends to its headquarters facility. When designing its offices the firm took an environmentally conscious approach to demonstrate a commitment to Green Initiatives, including the use of recycled materials, installing water-conserving plumbing fixtures and energy-saving HVAC equipment. Also implemented is a 122-kilowatt rooftop solar photovoltaic system offsetting the majority of the building’s electrical usage.