Englewood Hospital Radiology Wing

A complete interior demolition and reconstruction of the previously-existing state-of-the-art Radiology Wing at Englewood Hospital called for reconfiguration of the floor’s layout to maximize the space, building new areas for radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and stress testing.

Construction included new lead-lined walls, installation of new bathrooms and waiting rooms, replacement of ceilings, new flooring finishes, wall paneling, custom millwork cabinetry and workstations, a fresh coat of paint for the entire space, corner guards, wall bumpers, and new breakaway sliding glass doors to open up the lab areas creating a common space atmosphere. 

As part of the renovation radiology cameras and other equipment were relocated, including medical gas and emergency signaling equipment. New mechanical work included relocation and new sprinkler heads, new HVAC distribution and equipment including BMS work, new plumbing, electrical, lighting, and low voltage systems. 

The work on the wing was divided into four carefully planned phases to allow for specific equipment within these areas to remain fully operational during construction. Consistent attention to cleanliness and utilization of temporary partitions were maintained to keep construction areas from interrupting activity in the rest of the hospital. 

Project Details


Englewood Hospital

Property Address:

350 Engle Street
Englewood, New Jersey

Project Size:

5,000 square feet

Project Value:

600 thousand

Completion Date:

May 2012



Services Provided:

General Contracting

Project Type: